Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rockit's review for English speakers

The songs are like melodic mantras. The attitude is just right. The years of experience make themselves felt. The originality of the harmonic creativity is invaluable and cannot be left unmentioned. Yes, the delicate inspiration of Alberto Arcangeli has finally found a home, after an anxious wait, in a new musical creation, vivid and complete, a rare balance of memories, confessions and romantic storytelling.

In the freest possible form of distribution comes "Pop Down The Rabbit Hole", or rather, how to translate into songs, in no uncertain terms, the beauty of music, regenerated by a production which lives up to every expectation. Light and gentle, like a sunset that pacifies the senses, the tracks on this album play just as you would imagine, suspended in a temporal bubble of soap, between nocturnal touches of piano and Beatlesish openings. There is a confidential flow, a very tasteful musical aesthetic, capable of surviving the whirlwinds of time and the models of fashion. Each track offers a different pathway but the main highway remains that of an impeccable power pop, laced with psychedelic and ecstatic sonic landscapes and fabulous melancholy.

Don't let anyone fool you that this is not a fine album: the painstaking attention to the sounds, the precision of the arrangements, the rhythm section that grabs the reins when the need calls. The celebration of the voice is pure in its emotional nakedness: a convincing crystalline timbre which, together with an indisputable authorship, never fails to lead the dance. There is no single track that stands out from the rest since no track is badly conceived and nothing on the album is either excessive or out of place. The result is that one remains entangled in the passing minutes of this album as if in an imaginary marshland: apparently placid but in reality fabulously chromatic and full of surprises.

The ambition of this album is without doubt proportional to the result. These are songs that flow like fresh water. Alberto Arcangeli has the talent and the determination to enter the firmament of Italian and, why not, also international music, and this album is the definitive proof.
Thanks to Tony Lawson for translating it.

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