Friday, 30 December 2011

Pop Down The Rabbit Hole among the Top Albums of 2011 according to SYFFAL!

It is like the best movie soundtrack ever but by one dude. Think of Elliot Smith making voyeur porn with The Beatles and emotional stability. I would let this Italian bastard’s voice get to second base for sure.
Tim Baker 
Thank you, Tim!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Wheels and Love among “The best 100 songs of 2011” according to Rockit

Le parole di Alessandra Cristofari a “recensire” la canzone (grazie Alessandra):
Questa canzone è un parco da mettere in tasca e tirare fuori all'occorrenza, ché poi si apre col tramonto giusto, i colori a olio e l'erba fresca. Senza vergogna per la nostalgia atavica e per gli attimi in cui cercherete un posto così, solo per pensare ancora a chi non dovreste ma che siede proprio lì accanto a voi, insieme alle margherite.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Read the lyrics of Wheels and Love and listen to the new album on Youtube!

In response to the many (well, maybe just a few) who've been asking for the lyrics of my songs, I decided to upload the entire new album on Youtube, along with lyrics (so you can sing along) and a few notes.
Here are the lyrics of the opening track:

Wheels and Love
Let the rain fall out on the way
Let the birds play their secret game
It seems so clear
Just sitting here

See the kisses fly through the ring
See the bicycles cross the street
I wait for you
Just sitting here
and watch the wheels and love outside the window

I wrote “Wheels and Love” in my garden, on a sunny September morning, while the birds were singing in the trees. Kind of a dreamy picture. I recorded the first half of the song singing and playing directly in my mobile phone, in the garden, and then added the rest of the arrangement in my home studio. Actually, I don’t know why I wrote a melancholy song in such a beautiful morning.

Listen to the song and watch the beautiful paint-on-glass animation by Massimo Ottoni: